Jaki Brockman

Photo by Ryan Kenner.

Jaki Brockman was born into the Ballroom dancing industry! Both her parents competed professionally as well as owned two very successful studios in Colorado Springs. At age 21, Jaki opened her first studio and started competing professionally in American Rhythm. After raising a very successful studio for 7 years, Jaki decided to chase her dance dreams and move to New York City! Landing the title of manager at the top Fred Astaire Dance Studio in the nation, she then decided to start competing professionally in American Smooth. After winning multiple titles around the US, including Fred Astaire Rising Star World Champions, and after placing 18th in the World Blackpool Dance Festival, Jaki decided to move back to Colorado and open Ballroom & Beyond.

This past May, Jaki returned to the Blackpool Dance Festival in England with a new partner in Professional American Rhythm. She placed 6th and is now able to call herself a finalist in the most prestigious competition in the world.

Now the founder of Ballroom & Beyond, Jaki is passionate about coaching, choreographing, managing her studio, launching a youth dance wear clothing line, creating a competitive mind set coaching program and empowers woman around the world through her AbunDance courses.

Jaki’s mission is to fiercely challenge people to lead more inspired lives with a powerful mindset and uninhibited movement.

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