The benefits of Ballroom Dancing...


Plain and can change your life in ways you never imagined! I have been in this industry my entire life. I have seen first hand what something as simple as learning to Cha Cha can really do for a person. There are many reason why people learn to dance. The most obvious ones are getting ready for a wedding, or going to an event where there will be live music, or having a burning desire to dance like those people on Dancing with the Stars! 
But the truth is that most likely there are deeper reasons for coming to dance. I have seen widows find their purpose in life again, I have seen singles find their soul mates, I have seen over weight loose over 60lbs, I have seen depressed become happy and the shy become confident! Dancing is a vehicle to a better you! The long term positive effects it gives are like no other. It's mentally stimulating, physically challenging, emotionally healing, socially freeing, and it's just plain fun to do to music! You really can't afford to not dance in this day in age! 

So whatever the reason is for you becoming interested in dancing, just do it! You will not regret it! It will change your life! 

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