Private Dance Lessons

Private dance lessons are the best and most efficient way to learn how to dance. Through personalized, one-on-one instruction, you can acquire the skills you need to be a social dance star, create a wedding dance to remember, or become the performer or competitor you’ve always wanted to be!

Your private lesson is about you and tailored to meeting your goals, your needs, and your passion to dance. Depending on your level and interests, you’ll learn anything from ballroom basics like partnering and patterns, to advanced techniques, including intentionality, expression, and musicality. Because each lesson is individualized, you can focus on those areas where you need the most work. You’ll build strength and muscle memory through repetition, allowing you to advance more quickly than you would in a normal group class setting.

Whether you have a short-term goal of learning a wedding dance or participating in a social dance event, a long-term goal of being a recognized competitive dancer, or something in between, we have a dedicated team, led by one of the most highly ranked professional ballroom dancers in the nation, ready to help you achieve it!

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