Wedding Dances

There is nothing more endearing than seeing a newlywed couple do their wedding dance for the first time. The wedding dance is one of the most memorable events at a wedding day. Why not make it as special as possible? Your instructor will customize a wedding dance that suits both your personality and your comfort level. We offer wedding packages as well as an Ultimate Wedding Package for the couple, wedding party, and family members.

In our experience we suggest not leaving this preparation until the last minute!

Make your first dance together be a highlight of your wedding day! We customize a unique wedding dance that is based on your personality, venue, music, and skill level! 

We are able to create a life-long memory as well as a fun hobby to share throughout your lives together. Don't be that couple that just sways back and forth in the middle of the floor for a 5-minute song! Be the couple that people go home and tell their friends about! The couple that had the coolest, classiest, craziest first dance that made people jump up and down yelling with excitement and envy

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